During a new discussion on ‘Penguin Podcast,’ The Beatles icon Paul McCartney recently made an fascinating confession about his own music, unveiling why he doesn’t listen to The Beatles’ hit songs.

While speaking about his new novel, ‘Hey Grandude,’ Paul McCartney confessed that he doesn’t listen to a lot of The Beatles and his own songs. 

This is what Paul McCartney said:

“I don’t listen to a lot of Beatles music, I don’t listen to a lot of my own music.”

He continued:

“You’re often onto the next thing and I’m always there doing something because I enjoy working.

But what is nice is when we remaster or when there’s a project particularly The Beatles from sixty years ago or it’s an anniversary – it’s fifty years, it’s sixty years.

I have to listen to it to approve it and to say the remaster is a great job.

So we play the remastered sound alongside the old sound and you know, sometimes the old sounds better.”

The Beatles legend also added:

“So you go, ‘Oops, wait a minute, it’s got more body’ and the engineer will address that. So that’s how I listen to Beatle records.

Yet, it’s amazing to hear something dredged from all that time ago because probably, my own stuff definitely I would just write it, record it, release it and probably never listen to it again.

That is until the remastering session – so I enjoy that.

In America, there’s a Beatles channel so when I’m there I do listen to them. [laughs].”

You can listen to full interview below via Youtube.



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