Being left at the altar is pretty bad, but being left with the bill is even worse. That’s what happened to 27-year-old Quinn Duane. She was only a week away from her wedding and was left with the $35,000 bill for the wedding costs.

Most people would freak out, however Quinn did something truly incredible for the homeless community in Sacramento.

The costs for the fancy hotel and catering for the wedding was not refundable, her friends and family didn’t want to celebrate. Quinn, being selfless, called a homeless shelter called Next Move. Instead of sulking in the fact that her wedding day was canceled, she threw a Fall dinner for the homeless community.

Her family first gave her the idea. Being extremely emotionally upset over the wedding, they wanted to see something good come from all of this.

There was a great turn out of around 90 people from Next Move. They enjoyed a fancy dinner including steak and salmon. They said it was a blessing that it all came together.

Duane couldn’t be at the dinner herself, instead her and her mother took what would have been the honeymoon trip to Belize, where they fortunately had a great time! Even though the attendees of the dinner couldn’t personally thank her, they were certainly thankful that she put the event together.

It didn’t take long after the dinner took place to catch the attention of social media. Thousands of people were praising her for her selflessness in turning her wedding into a dinner for the less fortunate. Quinn said it was just a way to turn a bad situation into a good one.

Quinn believes that it is very important to radiate positive energy out into the world. To not spread negativity when faced with a bad situation, but instead to turn things around in a positive way. She says that it applies to many situations in life.

The man who unfortunately didn’t show up for the wedding has not said much. He hasn’t said what exactly caused him to not show up or why he left the bill up to the Duane family, but he did say that he was glad that the attention was on the good deed that the Duane family did. Who wouldn’t be glad in that situation, right?!

When Quinn was asked the same questions, she too didn’t want to get into those details. She also was glad the attention was focused on the good that came from the situation.



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